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Jan 9

GoGoStat Keeps Parents Up To Date on Their Kids’ Facebook Lives

The GoGoStat team was pleased to see GoGoStat Parental Guidance mentioned in Positive Impact Magazine as a tool for parents to keep up with what is happening with their kids on Facebook. A big thank you to Michelle Phillips for writing her article Protecting Your Child’s Beauty in the Cyber Age, that gives parents some much needed advice when it comes parenting in the digital era. It’s great to see the continuing press coverage that GoGoStat Parental Guidance continues to receive for assisting parents in helping their kids stay safe on Facebook. 

Sep 1

Sorry, Wrong Inbox

Too many ways to be reached

We recently came across an opinion article from the New York Times called Sorry, Wrong Inbox. Frank Bruni writes, 

You hear so much about how instantly reachable we all are, how hyperconnected, with our smartphones, laptops, tablets and such. But the maddening truth is that we’ve become so accessible we’re often inaccessible, the process of getting to any of us more tortured and tortuous than ever.

We feel your pain, Mr. Bruni. This is exactly why we made GoGoStat Connect, allowing everyone to easily be connected exactly the way they want to, no matter the time of day, their location, or their current scenario. No more having to guess which email people actually use or if you’re better off sending them a Facebook message, and no more people trying to call you right in the middle of an important presentation. Just let GoGoStat Connect sort it out for you. 

Jul 12

An Alternative to Banning

Mexico based tech blog TMC-IT recently had an article that gives advice to parents who do not want to completely ban their kids from sites like Facebook, but still want their kids to be safe. 

One of the tools they recommended to parents was GoGoStat Parental Guidance. They mentioned that they especially liked how the app notified parents of when their child reveals profile details that should stay private, the reports it gives on the child’s friends, and how the parent receives notifications when the child uploads photos. 

Thanks for the mention TMC-IT! 

Jul 8

GoGoStat Helps Stop Cyberbullying

Parents who have had a child that has been cyberbullied know that when they want it to completely stop now and forever, there is no app for that. The good news is, apps like our GoGoStat Parental Guidance can help to avert it. 

We would like to thank Yeshiva University for including our free app in their post 5 Apps That Could Help Stop Cyberbullying. The GoGoStat Team and parents of kids on Facebook appreciate you spreading the word about tools that could help. 

Jul 1

Utilizing GoGoStat To Keep Internet Predators at Bay

We were very excited to see a mention of GoGoStat Parental Guidance in Mary Kay Hoal’s Yoursphere Blog. The post raises awareness among parents about the dangers on social networks that are in the form of internet sexual predators. Not only does she raise awareness, she goes on to give advice for parents of Facebook kids. Her advice is simple: have an ongoing conversation with your kids about internet safety, and utilize available tools to help the effort. We are happy that parents can take advantage of GoGoStat Parental Guidance to assist their kids in being smart and safe on Facebook. 

May 10

Parental Guidance featured as an app to help avert cyberbullying

We would like to thank Nancy Flanders of Parenting Squad for featuring GoGoStat Parental Guidance in her article on apps that can assist parents in helping their kids avert cyberbullying! Thanks for spreading the word. Check out her article, 3 Apps To Protect Your Child From Cyber Bullies

May 3

Safety Minus the Spying

Came across this article about GoGoStat Parental Guidance today, perfect title for a blog post on this particular child monitoring app:

When it comes to GoGoStat Parental Guidance, we always want to stress that its purpose is for parents to monitor their children on Facebook, not spy on them. Spying means that a person being watched does not know who is watching them, or even that they are being watched. Monitoring means that the person being watched knows it is happening, and by whom.

"GoGoStat Parental Guidance is an application that lets you monitor your child at a certain level, with her permission, of course."

-Umma of www.jeandf.org

Since Parental Guidance requires that the child accept an invite to the application from their parents, the teen knows what is happening and who is involved, making it a monitoring situation. We would like to thank Umma of www.jeandf.org for the article she wrote about GoGoStat Parental Guidance, and the importance of not spying. Check it out!

May 2

Parental Guidance listed as a best monitoring tool

A big thank you to Amy and guest blogger Tom for including GoGoStat Parental Guidance in the blog post 7 Best Tools to Monitor Your Children’s Online Activity in the Earnest Parenting blog. It is much appreciated!

Apr 19

GoGoStat Connect, featured in The Guardian Apps Blog

There has been alot of talk about the Telefonica’s new BlueVia Platform. Check out this blog post mentioning how GoGoStat Connect leverages the benefits of the BlueVia API’s.

Mar 28

Talking GoGoStat Connect with Mobile Industry Review

Today, our Senior Product Manager Ron Stevenson was interviewed by Mobile Industry Review about GoGoStat Connect. Ron is currently in London where Microsoft and Telefonica announced a collaboration that creates new possibilities for app development powered by Telefonica’s BlueVia developer platform. To learn more about BlueVia and apps already created with BlueVia, check out this featured story from Microsoft. 

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